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Commercial Construction

Serving Lakeland, Florida and Surrounding Areas

Many apply the timeless principle “Time is Money” to various projects. When it comes to commercial construction, time is truly money.
Unfortunately, some commercial builders sacrifice quality to save time. We believe there is a better choice: A commercial construction company that lives up to its commitment to quality and deadlines.

At B&L Builders, it starts with appropriate planning and allocation of resources. Commercial projects take experience with a constant eye on quality and the calendar. B&L Builders delivers both.

We provide assistance in many aspects of the commercial construction process:

  • Conceptualization
  • Design
  • On-budget Completion
  • Expansion
  • Remodeling
  • New Facility Construction

Benefits of properly designed and constructed commercial projects:

  • Efficiency – Well-designed storefronts, manufacturing facilities, or office buildings offer better traffic flow increasing the effectiveness of your team. Interior space remodeling also strengthens efficiency. We have various design options for new facilities or remodeling.
  • Energy Savings – New commercial construction saves on utility costs by employing the latest insulation and alternative energy options. Tell us about your commitment to saving energy and we will show you options!
  • Improved Image – Newly remodeled restaurants or retail spaces can enhance your image and improve your business. We will be happy to provide a walk-through of your space and offer a fresh view on remodeling options that can provide a significant return on investment.
  • Better Morale – Those who work within new or remodeled commercial space are invigorated to work harder. We have seen time and time again how new commercial spaces add a sense of enthusiasm, growth, and momentum for companies and their employees.

Well-designed new construction or remodeling projects encompass much added value. Much is at stake when you select the company that will transform your commercial space.

If you are a Central Florida business owner who is thinking about improving or building a commercial building, let’s explore the possibilities. B&L Builders will identify all of the options available to you in creating a new space that is attractive, effective, and energy efficient. We create an atmosphere that will reinvigorate your employees and your clients. Contact B&L Builders of Lakeland, FL and get started today!

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